Well if you want to ski before the rain melt whatever happens next the 3 K is groomed. The snomobile was having a very hard time w the conditions – couldn’t turn – so i did not try to go over any of the other trails,, hoping they might be fun slow skiing as is.  3k k is skate – tried to set a track on the north loop but it went too deep and hit ice,


Hey there I just made many trips around the 3K and the north loop is really nice though the turn onto it at the oak is a little rough. the north loop was frozen so hard I couldn’t do much with it but may turn to skiable slush this afternoon.


I just went around the 3 afew times and it should be pretty good skating if it doesnt get too hot today. I took a drive around near and mid ledges and its a bit thin over there and getting there is rough. Also I took a run down into SLATS which has plenty of snow so I packed that as well as I could and made  nice classic loop there. Getting there will be exciting. Good luck. 


HI,  I just ground u and packed ( but not tracked ) pretty much everything including the TENk. it’s probably all a little sandy/ sugary right now but  all well covered and should be ok skating or recreational classic skiing. 3 k i did not grind but will go over w the tid tech.. Ski it while it lasts!


Well we still have snow. But it’s a bit funky still so here’s what I did: re-set a classic track around 3k north ( didnt touch the steep hill ) , Made a skateable loop in pages field and one in the upper half.. and I set a track and roughed up the crust from the field house to lower farm via the dump. tthat’s got rough but skiable areas at the truck road end of the field and entering the lower farm fields.  Good luck! Ill be able to do more as temps drop.


Hi there, Everything is groomed! ten k was done yesterday mid storm. I also packed through the orchard to TGS. I highly recommend skiing the eastern trails! especially main st- lower farm – near and  middle ledges. those all have nice tracks set and with rain in the forcast it will not bee this nice for long.


Hi there, Things finally settled and froze enough to get out on the trails. There IS snow out there! #k is skate groomed -best on the north loop. Pages field is roughed out but not really skiable though it gives access to SLATS for the teams. The good news is that I was able to grind up a route from the field house to lower farm where there is a nice big skate loop in the field. Main street near and middle ledges are all “groomed” no tracks just ground up and flattened. All but middle ledges have a few wet spots and bare spots but really nothing you cant step over with  big step and aside from that they should ski well especially as it warms up. Have fun!

Ski Team Announcement and Calendar

skiteamHi All, and Happy Halloween! We’re slightly last minute about getting this announcement out but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to heap abuse upon willing children. The ski season is upon us, and we’re more or less ready to go! I’ve included a link below to a google doc where Amy and I will maintain a calendar of training days. We have scheduled training through the end of November, and special events until New Years, and will send out emails periodically to notify people of changes. You should bookmark this link and keep an eye on the schedule – we’ll continue to maintain it through the season!

Notes & Specifics:

Program Fees –

Like last year, the program is $300/skier. There is no pro-rated or per-day cost. Visitors are welcome in the pre-season (November) but by the time we’re on snow, we need people to make up their minds and pitch-in. Zach and Amy are not being paid for their coaching – the program fees this year will go to the general budget, and help to offset the cost of last-year’s coaching which was about 50% funded by fees. Checks made out to Putney Ski Club should be put into either Zach or Amy’s hands prior to Dec 1.

Who is this for?

Team Practice is for kids who are serious about trying hard and improving, and can keep up. This is not a babysitting service – this is ski practice! There is a huge amount of fun to be had when everybody also agrees to show up and make their best effort. Last year we had two age groups with a really good core-group of younger kids formed by Caroline, Katherine, and Sadie. As a starting point, younger kids or beginners should be able to keep up with that crew.

Some kids aren’t so sure about racing this year. That’s cool with us – this program is not about racing as much as it’s about development and teamwork. Everybody who’s prepared to NOT WHINE is welcome, and will have something to contribute!

Pro-practice Every Day

Do you guys remember “pro practice” at Dusty Ridge a few years ago? Maybe a few of you do. Being “professional” means showing up ready to go, with the equipment that you need, on time. That is an expectation for every single ski team practice. Being “pro” means having your $#!t together!

Meeting Places & Times

We’re organizing this around optimal convenience for Amy and Zach. For the pre-season we’ve got three “standard” sessions we’ll be doing.

Mondays – Run & Technique. Meet at the Caldwell’s house. Pick-up soccer warm-up starting at 3:00 or so. Training starts when Nolan arrives (we have it down as 3:35). We have limited daylight to work with, so we’re going to get moving pretty rapidly once Nolan has arrived. People arriving later than 3:30 should notify us of plans so that we can be sure not to miss you!

Tuesdays – Run & Bound. For this session we’ll meet at the Putney School. Amy can take a pick-up truck load of kids up the hill from our house at 3:25, and will be at the Putney School main driveway by 3:30. Once again, the session will depart from the meeting point once Nolan has arrived. If you plan to attend and will arrive later than 3:30 make sure you let us know!

Thursdays – Rollerski Technique. Zach will be there by 3:25 – arrive when you can. For this session we’ll meet at the Putney Park & Ride, by the recycling bins at the Fire Station. This is the same meeting place as last year. Good pavement, no traffic, and lights that come on automatically at dark. The only downside is that it’s not a lot of terrain! However, there’s plenty of opportunity to practice technique and we’ll do a coaching-intensive session. Let us know if you need skate roller skis. For the first session we will not need poles. After that… we’ll see. HELMETS REQUIRED.

Special Events

In addition to regular practices, we’re working on some “special events”. Here they are:

SkiErg World Sprint November 11-13

We have a Concept II SkiErg in the shop now. On November 11-13 the folks at Concept II organize the SkiErg World Sprint – it’s an international competition for 1000 meters on the Erg. You can check out the website and results from previous years here: We will record “official” results for submission to Concept II on the 11th and 12th. We encourage everybody (parents included) to come and try your hand at this. We STRONGLY encourage you to drop by for a bit or practice on the Erg ahead of time. You’re welcome anytime – just let us know that you’re coming if it’s after normal daytime hours.

On Friday the 11th, after school, I’d like to see the local team members here to put up some scores, and cheer for teammates. Anybody is welcome to come anytime on Saturday the 12th as well. Just let us know you’re coming so we can plan to be around!

Craftsbury Opener Weekend November 26&27

Thanksgiving is November 24th this year, and we will not hold our normal roller ski practice that day. To make up for it, we’re planning to make a trip to Craftsbury that weekend, the 26th and 27th. Depending on availability and interest we’ll book a hotel for Saturday night. Sunday the 27th is the Craftsbury Opener, and any skiers who are eager for an early season wake-up can do the BKL race, which starts at 9:00 AM.

We have space for one extra kid, and if there is interest we may be willing to take an extra car to accommodate more kids. If any team members or families would like to book an on-snow weekend and possibly a race, please contact me by November 7th so that I can make plans accordingly! Cost for the trip will depend on specifics.

NENSA Eastern Cup Opener December 17&18

We haven’t seen an announcement of BKL formats for this weekend, but Craftsbury normally puts on some good BKL events concurrently with their Eastern Cup opener. It’s a great weekend to see some high level racing, and get another race start for anybody who is interested. Depending on the availability of natural snow it may not be a good weekend for a lot of free and easy skiing. If they are depending on manmade snow then it’s extremely likely that the course will be closed to everybody aside from racers. We recommend this weekend for anybody who wants to focus on racing a bit this year. Amy and Zach have a busy “work” weekend for Caldwell Sport, but will help support any Ski Team members who want to race. Please let us know if you plan to attend!

Mont Sainte Anne Christmas Training Camber December 26 – January 1

Annual training camp organized and hosted by our own Mark Tarmy. This is a great opportunity to ski a bunch of early season KMs in what are typically awesome conditions. Mark has booked a house again this year and the cost of this trip is quite reasonable. All team members should plan to attend this camp, and families should contact Mark to make arrangements. All team members will be accommodated, even if it means stuffing kids like sardines into gaps in the floor boards. However, semi-civilized accommodations for adults are limited, so if you want to make a family trip out of this, contact Mark ASAP!