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Putney School 2.4.15

With the students headed out for the long weekend, maybe some of you will find a chance to enjoy our excellent nordic ski conditions. The following trails are groomed with classic track set: 3K 5Ka Main Street Near Ledges Cemetery Hill Most of the fields on the main campus and lower farm In addition these trails are groomed but might not have track set: 5Kb Ravine Trail Middle Ledges Reminders: Please respect the trail *closures* on the 7K and 10K. If you are snowshoeing and need to parallel a ski trail, stay to the edge and on the opposite side as the track. Dogs are permitted on only some of the trails. (See the map at the kiosks.) Parts of Ben Rockwell and all of Middle Ledges are groomed but still open to dogs Have FUN Andrew

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3#k is freshly groomed classic as is Page’s Field and Field House Field though they may drift over. Lower Farm Fields have many classic loops and near ledges and main street were groomed classic yesterday and should be in good shape with last night’s dusting on them. All trails east of near ledges were packed with the snowmobile yesterday and cleared of blowdowns. Pete G. 10:30 AM

Putney School 1.27.15

The following trails are groomed for *skate*: 3K 5Ka,b Cooper’s cottage field perimeter Main Street Ravine Trail Near Ledges It isn’t windy at all in the woods, and the trails are in excellent shape. I didn’t groom any fields at all. On the fields, I did cross to get to trails. I took the straightest route possible, and often my groomed track was obscured in under an hour. I haven’t set any classic track. I think the snow needs to set up better so we can set classic tomorrow. Pete packed pretty much every trail on campus with a snowmobile, so even the Ledges and Ben Rockwell are packed (not groomed). Andrew

putney school

I just went over the three k and pages field with the Pistin Bully set for skate hoping the tiller would break up the ice a bit and make a better base for any new snow. The schools lovely new snowmobile still needs a 20 mile break-in drive before it can go to work pulling its big new groomer – hope to do that tomorrow AM. Pete