Free-for-all skiing and our race!

Dear BKL Skiers, Thanks for great fun and a load of shoveling at TGS yesterday! We had about 35 kids and 15 adults show–what a party! And we have one BKL job opening: OFFICIAL COOKIE DISPENSER OFFICER–see me for job description. TWO THINGS: 1. Please get out and *ski anywhere in the next few days! *With firm complete crust covered by a bit of powder (much of this area), you can ski anywhere! trails, no trials, groomed , not groomed! It is a free-for-all–so get out and take it in! Also there is nothing like skiing off trail to improve your skills. 2. *Our race–*I hope all of you will come to our Sunday league “Race”, starting 10 am at the Grammar School! You don;t have to be a great skier at all, just be ready to get around the course and have a good time! If you are just learning and are not yet comfortable on the hills, please come to watch and ski–it is the best way to learn. And It will be warmer and Sunny!! If you are planning on going to the race Sunday morning,and are not that experience with the BKL race scene, please email me–We will do our best to support you. THanks All! Hans 802 380 2109