IMPORTANT RACE INFO: 8:30 am registration!

..and please note, the races start this sunday at the Grammar School at 10 am BUT….. *registration opens at 8:30am and you should arrive NO LATER than 9:30am!!* the lollipopers at 10:00 and the 1st-2nd grade will begin shortly there after! Each older grade-class race will begin about 5-10 minutes after the previous one finishes. The races are: K and pre-K– lollipop small loop 100 meters Grade 1-2– 1 lap (lap==about 1 kilometer) Grade 3-4 — 2 laps Grade 5-6 — 3 laps Grade 7-8 –4 laps (Note–race distances are subject to change–so make sure you know your course before you start) minutes after new age-class races every and will likely be over by 1:00 (so don;t stop by at 2pm after the baby wakes up from a nap to check the scene out…or you will sadly realize you crammed everyone into winter clothes and busted it to Putney only to realize that you missed it!) Hans 802 380 2109