Jan 27 BKL Practice Confirmed!

Dear skiers, The skiing from Green Mountain Orchards (GMO) to the Grammar School was really NICE (today)…and considering temps in the 30s, so I am finalizing the plan below! Yeah! After scouting today, I would actually encourage most of the older skiers (even beginners) to start at GMO parking lot–leave by 3:40. The easy trail is groomed (thanks Pete!) , gradual decent, and it will be pretty soft. Cover is pretty good with a few bare spots, rocks, and ditches that can be avoided or embraced. Fun, and not that far. And there is great skiing south of the solar panels at the Grammar school–if we need a nice ridge top and steeper downhill diversion to fuel reckless abandon. So Anna, Alina, Lucy, the Hills, and other older beginners to intermediates–please join–it is a perfect doable challenge for you. more experienced younger kids could also join. email me if you need advice or emotional support or counseling. *BKL Coaches:* I am hoping Mark and Sarah (and Charlie) at a minimum can meet the younger kids and their parents at the grammar school lower field. Others: Diny, Kristin, Kim, Chris, etc. could meet at GMO and we will divide into smaller groups there. *I would not recommend fancy race skis for this practice*. Skate or waxless should be fine. *PLEASE NOTE: * Depending on how soft the the snow is, we may need to stay off the TGS race course in order to preserve skiing for the next several days. We will make this decision when we get there. Either way we can use the big soccer field to play games on….and there is always jumping and random romping. Fire and sugar are mandatory (this is one thing humanity has really figure out). Thank to Mark we will be burning luxury oak flooring– Zero net carbon! Please email me with any heads up. On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 8:01 PM, Hans Estrin <hansestrin@gmail.com> wrote: > Dear Skiers, > > Due to marginal cover, plus melting and likely mixed participation > tomorrow, I will need to update you tomorrow night with the final > plan….again!! ….this winter is keeping us on our toes! > > *Here is plan A (but stay tuned):* > > *Skis:* Skate or waxless–you choose! > > *END TIME/PLACE*: Practice will END at the grammar school lower field at > 5 pm with fire, treats and fun! > > *MEETING TIME*: 3:30 for all > > *MEETING PLACES!!:* THis week, we will have two possible places to > start!!–you choose…or email/ call me if you need help deciding! > > *Default meeting location:* Beginners and Pre-K /K skiers should meet at > the Grammar school lower field. You will practice skills and play games > and have a grand time like last week. Anyone else can choose to meet here > as well. > > *Option Starting location: * GREEN MT ORCHARDS (GMO) main parking area > (goggle location if needed): This is for more experience and/or reckless > and /or adventurous skiers (or just plain dumb) ONLY!! > > *Meet at 3:30 at GMO*. We will depart promptly at 3:40 pm. If you miss > this departure..go directly to the grammar school and ski on the lower > field (like last week) with the others. > > This optional group will ski to the grammar school, via trail and > bushwacking. You should have intermediate downhill skills (or a padded > butt) to make this ski. > > If it is danger and challenge you seek, I may lead an extra- special > double black black diamond kind of bushwack ski that only I can conjure. > follow me if you dare. no race skis allowed. > > ….But no worries…others in this optional group can choose a more > moderate decent. > > Optional group will get to the grammar school at about 4:15, assuming no > search and rescue efforts, where we will celebrate with a game or a team > relay…fire…sugar…jumps..general chaos. again 5 pm pick up–shuttles > to GMO will be available > > This plan may sound final…BUT it is not….please wait for a > confirmation email tomorrow night! > > email me > > Thanks > Hans > 803 380 2109 > > > > > >