Putney BKL for Feb 3–BLACK Mountain ADVENTURE!

Dear skiers, We do not shrivel in the face of adversity. We do not whine or complain, cower or snivel. We let not anger consume us. We let not the subjunctive tense corrupt our tongues! No! When the snowing gets melted, the tough get going…for a *BLACK MOUNTAIN Adventure!* *SO, Here is the plan* for this balmy and perhaps a wee bit wet Wednesday afternoon: – Throw your skis with superlative force into the garage, the closet, or any place where they cannot be seen. – No one is to mention the subject or verb “Ski” or “Skiing” for the entire afternoon or you will be banished from the club. – *Drive 15 minutes from Putney to Meet at the east-side Black Mountain pull- off by 3:40–leave by 3:50 pm. * HIKING with shoes or hiking boots and other sensible clothing. No Nordic accessories, if you catch my drift. Please car pool to keep the global temperature down. (And parking is very limited) ‚Äč – We will break into two or three groups and meet on the south summit of black mountain at 4:40-5 pm for cookies and first aid. – *RETURN TIME–* Down by 5:15pm, back to Putney by 5:30-5:45 pm. – *The EASY group* will walk the trail 1/2 mile to the summit, and play mongo hide-and-seek until the others arrive. – The *EXTREME CHALLENGEE group* will slip over the west side, traverse south-east and then scale the steep shrapnel of wet granite slab, covered with slimy lichen and rattle snakes to the summit. (that last part was a joke). But did I mention this is bush-wacking?… There ain’t no trail where we are going… Only ticks just waking to the warm air and rustle of warm-blooded mammals. And if we are lucky it will also be icy, but don;t get your hopes up, given the predicted previous day of rain and 50 F. Ahh.. Februrary in VT! – The *middle group,* if there be one, will do something in the middle. thus its name. Come one, come all! Email or call me with questions as needed. Thanks Hans 802 380 2109