Wed BKL, Feb 10–Putney School…Let’s SKI!

Dear Skiers, Let’s SK!I–Snow is super thin but there is enough to slide on! Classic or waxless skis. There will likely be no tracks! Current plan is: 3:30-3:45–Welcome drills on the soccer field–double and single poling, striding with no poles, step turns. 3:45–4:05–Large group games (Capture the flag, soccer or other), youngest kids with group with Mark to play their own raindeer games 4:10-4:50–Small groups split to do …welll , you will find out…maybe play other games, do drills, or go for a crazy tour, who knows? Mark and Sarah will lead youngest skiers Kristin will lead middle group Hans will lead older group Diny will lead adventure girls (if they come!) 4:50-5++ pm –cookies on the soccer field! Seeya soon! Hans 802 380 2109 On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 7:37 PM, Hans Estrin <> wrote: > Dear skiers, > > This is my now standard 2016 Monday night email to say: > > Lets see what the weather does and make the final call about Practice on > Tuesday night!! > > ….but…. > > my current plan, if we get a few precious inches of snow, as predicted is > to actually > *SKI at the Putney School!* > This will be waxless or classic skiing (If possible, do NOT use fancy race > skis). We will have kick wax, if needed. We will play games, ski robustly > and joyfully, and eat cookies…of course… and need i say that jumping is > highly probable. > > If the predicted snow fails us, well, will we cry and snivel? Will we sulk > and brood? WIll we cower and crumple? … No way!! We will STAND and come > with sensible SHOES, and smiles, singing like the Trapp family, to play > games and explore the icy woods while packing cookies into our chipmunk > cheeks! > > SO…for now, plan on getting to the Putney School Main driveway by > 3:30–official start by 3:45pm. End by 5 pm. > > Stay tuned till tomorrow night about the final activity plan… > *to ski or not to ski!* > Hans > >