Putney BKL March 2–Last Practice!

Dear “Skiers”, Yes, it is true: Our last official BKL “ski” practice of the season is this Wednesday, March 2–Can you believe it!!! After braving the viscous deluge and the arm of the law last week (that was a bad-ass, outlaw practice!), we have decided to play it SAFE this Wed and HIKE in the rain on Putney Mountain!! The Plan, if you chose to surrender yourself: 3:35 pm –Meet at the Putney Mountain Rd. trailhead parking lot (see map to trail head below). Please carpool if possible, and good luck getting up Putney Mt. Road, through the mud–seriously, high clearance cars and fearless drivers might help. Dress for 40 degree “lite” deluge and some wind (15-20 mph). NO SKIING ALOUD…Just hiking…but you can bring poles (and historic pictures of Vermont winters) if you are still in denial! Leave parking lot by 3:45 pm. Our route(s) to the summit will depend on who shows up for the treatment…I mean practice. Easiest route will be 1/2-mile gradual trail to the top with some Irish breakfast tea and cookies waiting, and helicopter return to the spa. Most challenging route (no trail, no way!) will include a steep reckless decent off the west face, maybe 400 ft vertical down, followed by clawing and gritting through mud and ice up the relentless near vertical grade to the summit. You choose. Tea and cookies on the summit at 4:45pm, down to the cars around 5:15 and back to Putney by 5:30 pm, baring tow truck intervention(s), and trips to the ER. If a few grown -ups could bring tea, that would help me prepare. I am looking forward to this, and I am not even joking! …but I will understand if your have simply had enough of this kind of “skiing”. 🙂 Yours truly, Hans, 802 380 2109 ​